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What risks do we cover?

The maximum insurance coverage is 500,000 Tenge
Death or injury
Death of a pet, trauma as a result of an accident (fire, freezing, hitting vehicles, attack by other animals).
Death or involuntary euthanasia
The emergence of a contagious disease in a pet (rabies, distemper, other infectious diseases).
Unlawful actions of third parties
Theft, traumatic injury, poisoning.
Liability to third parties
Causing harm to life and health, as well as damage to property of third parties.

Your pet is under our protection

Sum insured
up to 500,000 Tenge for death and loss
20% of the selected amount
reimbursement of treatment costs for injuries
For damage to third parties
up to 300,000 Tenge
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Other useful information on MyPet program

  • A pet, a dog or a cat, is subject to insurance against the following risks: death or traumatic injury of a pet as a result of external influences. For example, as a result of fire, electric shock, explosion, solar or thermal shock, hitting a moving vehicle, theft, etc. Also, the insurance coverage will be provided in case of death or forced euthanasia of a pet as a result of a contagious disease. In addition, the liability of the pet owner for causing harm to third parties will be insured.
  • The cost of insurance will depend on the selected limit (size) of the sum insured.
  • The insurance coverage begins on the 5th calendar day from the date of payment of the insurance premium.
  • 1. Notify the competent authorities: in case of illness - to the veterinary service; in case of fire - to the Department of Emergency Situations, law enforcement agencies, veterinary service; in case of natural disasters - to the Department of Emergency Situations, Kazhydromet, veterinary service; in case of accidents - to the veterinary service, law enforcement agencies; in case of theft, robbery, banditry - to law enforcement agencies.

    2. Notify the insurance company

    3. Try to find out the causes and consequences of the insured event.

    4. Keep unchanged all records and documents about the keeping of animals: information about the diet (receipts, packaging), the conclusion of the veterinary institution, and other documents related to the object of insurance and the event that occurred.
  • The insurance claim is paid within the limits of the sum insured specified in the Agreement. The amount of damage in case of trauma or injury to a pet is determined on the basis of the opinion of the veterinary service and the confirmed actual costs of treatment.

    In case of death of the pet - the conclusion of the veterinary service. The following documents are required:
    1) a copy of the Agreement;
    2) a written statement of the Policyholder with a short description of the event that happened;
    3) copies of documents for the pet from specialized organizations: a service dog breeding club, a cat lovers club, an animal protection society, or a pet passport issued by a licensed veterinary service, as well as an international veterinary passport if applicable, a pedigree for the pet;
  • Within the established limit on the date of submission of the application form:
    up to 100,000 tenge for outbred animals;
    up to 250,000 tenge for pedigree animals and animals with pedigree;
    up to 500,000 tenge, only for pedigree animals.
    Limit on expenses in case of trauma of an animal - expenses for treatment, but not more than 20% of the insured amount.
    Up to 300,000 tenge for harm caused to life and health, as well as property of third parties.
  • No, a separate insurance contract has to be made for each pet.
  • The insurance contract can be made only for a pet registered in special organizations (service dog breeding club, cat fanciers club, animal protection society) or have a pet passport issued by a licensed veterinary service, as well as with an international veterinary passport, pedigree. Moreover, the term for issuing registration documents for an animal must be at least 3 months.
  • Pets with the age of 6 months to 7 years (included) are accepted for insurance.
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